Congress Charges NBA Of Allowing Players To Profit Off Of Slave Labor

( )- Congress finally seems to realizing that allowing the National Basketball Association, an extremely American sports league known all over the world, to continue working with Chinese companies that are known to use slave labor is a horrible idea. That’s why members of Congress, from both parties, are now pressuring NBA players to cut ties and start using clothing companies that actually pay their workers.

As it stands, NBA players regularly work with sports brands that sell shirts, shoes, jerseys, and other sports equipment that are understood to be employing slave labor in “re-education” camps in China. Victims of these camps include Uyghur Muslims and Christians.

Speaking to Politico, Republican Rep. Scott Perry said that Americans should not be conducting businesses with companies that use slave labor, and profiting from it.

“And that includes NBA players,” he said, saying that they should not sign endorsement deals with these companies.

Thankfully, Democrats finally seem to be waking up to the problem, with Democrat members of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China recently sending a letter to the National Basketball League asking for an explanation for their regular work with companies that employ Chinese slave labor. Furthermore, Democrat Reps. Jim McGovern and Jeff Merkley have sent their own letter to the NBA’s players association urging members to speak to their partners in China and inform them that they will not do business with them if they continue to use slave labor.

Given that the narrative from the Chinese government is that they do not use slave labor, however, it seems pretty likely that those companies will change their ways.

As it stands, 14 NBA players have endorsements with Chinese companies that use cotton sourced from the Xinjiang region, where Uyghur Muslims are regularly kidnapped and thrown into slave labor camps.

How has this gone ignored for so long?