Comer Reveals Next Steps In Biden Impeachment

On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared an impeachment investigation will be launched.

House Oversight Committee investigators will investigate Hunter Biden and Jim Biden’s financial records, according to Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer. This is connected to an impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden and any possible anonymous presidential correspondence.

Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Jason Smith (R-Missouri) will head up the probe of Hunter Biden’s business operations. On August 9th, the House Oversight Committee disclosed documents showing that Hunter Biden had received a sizable donation from Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina. Before Yuri Luhzkov, the mayor of Moscow, passed away in 2019, Baturina married him.

This is a crucial instrument for the arsenal. Comer told Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow. This will help them when they go to court to collect bank data, Comer noted.

Comer said the judge will benefit from this and be compelled to decide more quickly. Comer explained that Access to grand jury testimony is also made possible.

Representative Jerry Nadler chaired impeachment hearings against Trump. They said grand jury testimony prevented them from disclosing the details. The judge’s decision went Nadler’s way because of the impeachment investigation.

If the Bidens prevented them from obtaining particular material owing to executive privilege, this Nadler provision would be invoked.

Comer said one can see the arrows were from nations like China, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. Money flows through these shell businesses and eventually lands in one of nine personal bank accounts belonging to Hunter and Jim Biden. Comer said they would look into Joe Biden’s personal bank accounts to see whether any payments were made for high-value products. Another goal of the impeachment probe is to have these government bodies produce relevant correspondence.

Comer said they have asked for access to all of the emails from Biden’s aliases. They know there were 5,400 of them and that one of them involved Ukrainian policy and included Hunter Biden in its conversation.

These are the items they need, and Comer believes they can get them more quickly thanks to the new impeachment inquiry designation.