Comer Engages In Heated Exchange With Reporter

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and NBC correspondent Ryan Nobles engaged in a heated exchange on Tuesday regarding money transfers to President Biden from his son Hunter and brother James. The conversation took place during an interview on “Meet the Press NOW,” where Comer scolded Nobles, at one point calling him “financially illiterate.”

The discussion revolved around whether the transactions were loan repayments to the now-president, as suggested by bank records. Comer, who comes from a banking background, stated that there’s no evidence proving it’s a loan. However, Nobles pushed back, claiming that he had not seen any evidence to support that claim.

The exchange grew tense as Comer accused Nobles of providing talking points from the White House and the Biden legal team. Nobles fired back, questioning Comer’s understanding of the situation and calling him financially illiterate. Comer responded by emphasizing that the money the Bidens paid back came from influence peddling, comparing it to loaning money to a drug dealer and highlighting the questionable sources of Hunter Biden’s earnings.

House Republicans have expressed apprehensions regarding numerous transactions involving Hunter Biden and his father. The Oversight Committee, led by the GOP, has recently disclosed documents revealing that Hunter’s law firm initiated monthly payments to his father starting in September 2018. These payments came under scrutiny when a bank’s money laundering officer raised concerns about the firm receiving funds from businesses linked to the Chinese government without providing any corresponding services.

Furthermore, records from House Republicans indicate that Hunter received a $5 million wire transfer from a Chinese company in August 2017. Some of that money was then moved to the law firm and later transferred to an account belonging to James Biden and his wife, Sara Biden. Comer has speculated that this money was used to finance a $40,000 check marked as a “loan repayment” to the future president.

In a separate incident linked to Americore Health, James Biden wrote a $200,000 check labeled a “loan repayment” to his brother in March 2018. Comer admitted that these transfers occurred while Joe Biden was not an elected official but argued that the money and shell companies were created during his time as vice president.

Despite his claims, Comer admitted that he didn’t know the specifics of Joe Biden’s conversations with his son’s associates and proposed bringing Hunter Biden and James Biden in for deposition to ask them those questions directly.

White House spokesman Ian Sams responded to the exchange by highlighting Comer’s frustration with independent reporting that scrutinizes his claims. Sams pointed out that Comer had received favorable treatment on Fox News but now faced a different approach.

During the interview, Comer defended the impeachment inquiry he was leading, stating that formalizing the probe was necessary due to the White House obstructing their efforts.