Comedian Gushes Over Biden On Joe Rogan Podcast

Liberal comedian Jim Gaffigan appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” last week where he argued that Joe Biden’s corruption pales in comparison to Donald Trump, whom he described as the “most corrupt,” the Blaze reported.

When Gaffigan and host Joe Rogan were discussing the Biden family’s foreign business deals, the liberal comedian described Biden as a “compassionate father” who might have made “some money” from Hunter selling influence to him.

Gaffigan also tried to make a distinction between the classified documents Joe Biden kept and how Trump handled classified documents. He said what Trump did was worse since he was showing off the documents. He added that he doesn’t believe that Trump tried to sell classified secrets, instead, the former president was just “swinging” his “d*ck.”

At the same time, Gaffigan admitted he is open to changing his views if something big comes out, but said from what he knows now, he does not doubt that Donald Trump “is the most corrupt.” He said while he doesn’t begrudge Trump’s “take no prisoners” style, he believes that there has been “repeated corruption” with Trump.

When Rogan suggested that there has also been “repeated corruption” with Biden and his son, Gaffigan asked if Rogan he is saying that he doesn’t think “Trump has more corruption.”

Rogan said the evidence against Trump isn’t as concrete as the evidence against Hunter Biden, like the abandoned laptop and “recorded conversations.” He said there is “real evidence” that the Biden family was “getting money from other countries.”

The pair also debated whether or not there were undercover plants involved in the January 6 riot at the Capitol, according to the Washington Examiner.

Rogan told Gaffigan that it was a fact that US intelligence agencies provoked the January 6 riot.

When Gaffigan asked if he thought Ray Epps was one of the agents from US intelligence, Rogan admitted that he didn’t know, but said added that of all the people involved in instigating the riot, Ray Epps is the only one who hasn’t been arrested.