Colorado Shooter Was Disarmed By Fast Acting Patrons

( )- The Colorado shooter who opened fire upon entering a gay nightclub was disarmed and subdued by two fast-acting patrons, according to a report by the conservative magazine American Pigeon. The suspect, identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, reportedly used a “long rifle,” or an AR-15 style weapon, in his rampage, while police found at least two firearms at the scene.

Aldrich is reportedly facing multiple murder charges as at least five people were murdered and 18 injured. Reports have since been updated that as many as 25 people have been wounded.

Two patrons attacked the shooter, one of whom was a U.S. Army veteran named Richard Fierro. The veteran was allegedly sitting with his wife and daughter at a table inside the club when Aldrich opened fire. Going into “combat mode,” Fierro explains that he ran toward the shooter and beat him with his own gun before police arrived on the scene.

Fierro has expressed his regret that he could not save the five people who were shot, but police say that Fierro prevented a further loss of life as a result of his actions.

The second patron who helped subdue the shooter has been identified by police as Thomas James. James has not yet spoken publicly.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said that the crime may be motivated by hate, but the answers remain unclear.

Court documents obtained by The New York Times show that Aldrich allegedly identifies as “nonbinary” and goes by “they/them” pronouns. Political pundits are suggesting that this is the defense’s way to mitigate hate crime charges that might be pinned on him.

Aldrich was arrested last year in connection to a bomb threat at his mother’s home. His mother, who made the call to the police, alleges that he was trying to harm her. After police evacuated the surrounding homes, they successfully managed to get him to comply with orders. After searching the homes, they found no bombs.

Aldrich was ultimately charged with two counts of felony menacing and three counts of first-degree kidnapping.