College Spent $250k On Racial Healing Garden

( )- According to the College Fix, after San Diego State University spent $250,000 on its “Native and Indigenous Healing Garden,” nobody uses it.

The “Healing Garden” was the university’s way of addressing the controversy over its Aztec warrior mascot, which, unsurprisingly, came under fire a few years ago for being racist cultural appropriation. So in 2018, something called the “Aztec Identity Task Force” decided placing a healing garden on campus would be a good way to honor Native Americans “and the Aztec Culture.”

San Diego State’s website says this healing garden “embodies the symbols and plants of life and of healing – physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

The healing garden was completed in March of last year, but the big grand opening celebration had to be canceled thanks to the COVID-related lockdowns.

Since then, the healing garden hasn’t been healing much of anything. Instead, it pretty much sits unused, a quarter of a million-dollar boondoggle courtesy of a taxpayer-funded university.

Part of the problem is the “healing garden” isn’t exactly “user friendly.” They spent $250,000 but didn’t bother to include such welcoming features like lawns or shady areas. The whole thing has only one bench, meaning if a group of students want to go there to “heal,” they’ll have to “heal” in shifts.

The College Fix tried to get comments from both the vice president of strategic communications and public affairs and the associate director of media relations. They wanted to know the cost of upkeep on the unused garden and if the university planned to utilize the $250,000 boondoggle in any way. But neither responded.

So far, the College Fix could only find one event the “healing garden” played host to – a concert to promote environmentalism this past spring.

One professor who passes the “healing garden” every day was asked if medical marijuana is among the indigenous plants grown there. The professor told the College Fix at least the garden would have a use if medical marijuana was grown there.