CNN’s Chris Cillizza Wonders Why Garland Hasn’t Moved Against Bannon

( )- The Left-leaning media and anti-Trump Democrats are beginning to worry Attorney General Merrick Garland isn’t moving fast enough on the House’s contempt of Congress referral against podcaster Steve Bannon.

CNN’s resident Democrat cheerleader Chris Cillizza, in a column last week, fretted over the fact that it has been more than two weeks since the contempt resolution vote, and still Merrick Garland hasn’t done a thing.

Left-leaning pundits and Twitter blue checks are complaining over the lack of action – with one Democrat strategist demanding to know why Steve Bannon is still a free man. A liberal group called Free Speech for the People is demanding that Merrick Garland resign if he isn’t going to slap cuffs on Bannon and frog-march him to prison.

Cillizza points out in his column that despite the shattered dreams of these Leftist cranks, both Garland and his Justice Department “have been silent.”

Did these guys really believe the House would vote and then that very day the FBI would turn up at Steve Bannon’s door and arrest him? Talk about unrealistic expectations.

Cillizza then recounts all the reasons the January 6 Select Committee would want to question Bannon. See, according to the anti-Trump book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Bannon was in phone contact with President Trump about the rally scheduled for January 6. As if hearsay claims in an anti-Trump book amounts to “evidence.”

Cillizza also quotes comments Bannon made on his podcast including telling his audience they have to “kill the Biden presidency.” What that has to do with the riot at the Capitol is anybody’s guess. But Cillizza can’t believe Merrick Garland isn’t moving like the wind to jail a man for exercising his right to free speech.

But Cillizza thinks he knows why Merrick Garland hasn’t acted yet. Biden put Garland in a pickle.

Joe Biden blundered into the issue by telling a reporter that yes, those who don’t comply with the select committee’s subpoenas should be prosecuted. After Biden did that, the Department of Justice released a statement making it clear that they will make decisions about prosecutions independently “based solely on the facts and the law.”

But it was too late, claims Cillizza. The damage was done.

Or, it could just be that anti-Trump Leftists who turned a podcaster with no political power into Public Enemy Number One had unrealistic expectations.