CNN Wants Joe Biden To Stop Enforcing Immigration Laws In Town Of Mass Shooting

( )- Following Tuesday’s attack on a Texas elementary school that killed 19 children and two adults, CNN national security expert Juliette Kayyem urged the federal government to halt immigration enforcement in the Uvalde area and transform the small community into a “safe haven” for illegals.

Kayyem discussed the demographics of the shooting region, emphasizing the significance of pausing immigration enforcement in the area.

She explained that it’s an 80 percent Hispanic school district in terms of the investigation. Hence, the most crucial thing for the federal government to state right now is that there will be no immigration enforcement in that region.

Kayyem added that families should be reunited at this time because of the huge immigrant population in the area and that “you don’t want people hiding right now.”

She said that the federal government needs to declare that everyone is in the safe harbor in terms of legal status. We need individuals to come forward, not to be afraid of their immigration status. In incidents like this, we’re going to have a strong police presence and a strong federal presence.

Kayyem served as Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama.

Last month, Kayyem argued that a shooting at a New York City subway station that injured more than two dozen people should not be classified as “terrorism,” saying that the label should be reserved for political activities like the January 6 Capitol riot.

She advocated for slashing the tires of a convoy of Canadian truckers and arresting the drivers in February to protest their government’s draconian coronavirus laws.

Kayyem accused former President Donald Trump of “heading a terror movement” in December.

She spoke out against arming individuals in soft targets like schools and public places to deter attacks in 2015.

The hypocrisy here is strong. On the one hand, the left uses a crisis to further their political agenda – removing 2A because a mentally deranged individual committed mass murder – but don’t you dare use the crisis to uncover illegals living in the area where the murders took place. That would be “unfair.”