CNN Starts Laughing At Ron DeSantis

CNN hosts made fun of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis when he proposed building a “new state prison” in the Disney World area.

As part of his protracted dispute with the firm he accuses of being “woke,” DeSantis recently issued a series of threats, employing a humor-signaling effect, to use a tract of land close to Walt Disney World for a variety of purposes.

DeSantis said, referring to the land, that some have suggested establishing a state park, while others have suggested another amusement park. At a press conference on Monday, DeSantis said that someone suggested Florida needs another prison. He intimated that was an idea worth contemplating. He said he believes the possibilities are endless.

When CNN host, Pamela Brown presented the press conference’s footage on Monday night’s edition of CNN Primetime, the anchors and analysts chuckled at the idea, with Bill Weir questioning whether potential Disney customers are expected to dread ” a prison break and they’re going to hide out as Goofy.”

The fact is, Governor DeSantis is doing some tricky primary politics, as pointed out by Farah Griffin. 

She said that this needling goes over really well with the core audience. Griffin said basically, they’re saying, “He’s taking it to woke Disney.” 

Griffin said that this is awful politics in practice. He will be joining the workforce of the state’s second-largest business.

She said that Pride Month is in June as well, and to challenge any company that shows support for the LGBTQ+ community would mean taking on a wide range of progressive businesses.

Griffin noted that when he was up against Disney, it helped him win. Unfortunately, he was outwitted. And now it all looks like pointless sniping with no clear resolution in sight.

Weir pointed out that the sniping all started with the vaccine mandate.