CNN Producer’s Victim Reportedly Moved, Report Says

( )- Remember the story of a woman who flew her 9-year=old daughter to Vermont from Nevada to be sexually abused by CNN producer John Griffin for a week?

Well, that little girl has thankfully been relocated to a safe home in Connecticut according to her attorney, Joel Faxon.

Faxon, who is representing the minor in a multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit against the left-wing former TV producer, said that the girl is traumatized after being exposed to the abuse. He confirmed that she is now in a protected environment and he can “thank God she’s there.”

Court filings from this month reveal how Faxon requested a prejudgment against Griffin as part of his lawsuit. Connecticut law says that a prejudgment would allow for the plaintiff to secure assets from the defendant before the case is fully resolved, meaning that Griffin would not be able to distribute his wealth or give his assets away before Faxon has a chance to take it and compensate his 9-year-old client.

Faxon, who is a well-known and respected civil trial attorney from New York, said that his primary interest is securing Griffin’s assets “so that he doesn’t have the wherewithal to ever do this to another child.”

He described how he has handled many sex trafficking cases over the years and that, sadly, they seem to get “more and more depraved as time goes on.”

Because there is no mechanism in the federal court to get a prejudgment remedy, Faxon said that it’s only possible to attach someone’s assets after a trial. However, under Connecticut law, there is a prejudgment attachment – and he plans to use that to seek a $14 million attachment on Griffin’s assets.

Griffin is currently awaiting trial on charges of attempted child sex trafficking and child sex trafficking.