CNN Praises Biden And Gushes Over Him After He Attacked Their Reporter

( )- Remember how Joe Biden snapped at a CNN reporter ahead of his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

It was pretty bad. CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins asked the president what makes him confident that Putin will change, prompting Biden to turn around and snap and ask, What do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident?”

He took off his glasses and walked to the reporter as if he was about to start fighting her, and the angry look in his eyes died down as he appeared to realize that he was in front of the world press.

You can see it for yourself:

It was pretty bad, but CNN didn’t seem to want to admit it. The network quickly cut back to Wolf Blitzer, Jim Sciutto, and Clarissa Ward, and Jeff Zeleny then said that Biden was “comfortable” in answering the questions.

Comfortable? That’s one word for it…

Wolf Blitzer ignored the controversy completely, and Collins said that things looked “tense” but then just quickly moved on with the report.

It must be pretty tough for the propaganda network that spent years attacking former President Donald Trump and promoting Joe Biden to be lashed out at by their preferred candidate now that he’s in office.

You can watch CNN getting awkward about it right here.

Biden later admitted that he was wrong, playing down his extreme anger as being a “wise guy.”

In reality, it seemed more like a good example of dementia-induced anger…