CNN News Star Says Goodbye

( )- iOTWreport reports that White House Correspondent John Harwood is the most recent leftist employee to leave CNN under the Chris Licht era.

Though described as a journalist, partisan Harwood, who has a long history of aggressively criticizing Republicans, announced on Friday.

He posted on Twitter, “Today is my last day at CNN.” “Proud of the job, eager to figure out what comes next.”

Harwood still had two years left on his contract.

Harwood’s abrupt departure comes only days after Brian Stelter was fired by CEO Licht, who was appointed earlier this year, in what is believed to be an effort to make the network less divisive after it infamously swung to the far left under the Trump presidency.

Stelter had just recently extended his agreement with CNN when he was ousted.

CNN has been undergoing a makeover for the past year.

Following a long-planned merger that placed CNN under the control of the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery, top-rated anchor Chris Cuomo was fired last summer. Jeff Zucker was forced to resign. And its heavily promoted streaming service CNN+ was shut down after less than a month.

Despite saying he was leaving of his own free will, longtime legal expert Jeffrey Toobin has gone, and now Harwood has done the same, according to sources.

According to a source close to the powerful CEO, Licht, who Warner Bros. Discovery chose to succeed Zucker, plans to “tone down spectacle” at the network, Fox News Digital reported earlier this year.

The network reorganization follows remarks made by Liberty Media chairman John Malone on CNBC in November about the future of CNN. Malone formerly served on the board of directors of Discovery Communications Inc. before the merger and is now an influential member of the Warner Bros. Discovery board.

Once the network joined the Discovery family, which became official on April 11, Malone announced that CNN should return to impartial reporting.

WikiLeaks emails show Harwood sought help from John Podesta on questions to put forth to Jeb Bush, the then-GOP presidential candidate. He gushed that President Obama should feel vindicated for believing the GOP was going “off the rails.”

Harwood wrote on Twitter that there is “no finer indication of the Republican Party’s deterioration than their demagogic attacks on a brilliant public servant, Fauci, who has worked for decades to fight ignorance and save lives with medical research.”

His show will be replaced later this year by “New Day,” which will air from 9-11 a.m. ET. ]