CNN Labels Robert Kennedy Jr A Republican

On Thursday, CNN made a chyron error, incorrectly introducing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a Republican presidential contender for 2024.

On Thursday, while Kennedy gave a speech before the New Hampshire State Senate, CNN’s Inside Politics with John King included a redesigned chyron that read, “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (R) Presidential Candidate.”

Approximately five seconds passed before CNN realized their error, but not before Kennedy’s detractors on Twitter saw it.

To win over supporters of both parties, Kennedy found success despite his divisive views on vaccinations.

According to a CNN survey earlier this month, Kennedy is trailing only President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary. The survey revealed that 20% of Democrats and Democrats-leaning people preferred Kennedy to be the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee than Joe Biden.

On Thursday, Kennedy spoke before the New Hampshire State Senate and said that the liberties of Americans were “under attack like never before in history” because of the Biden administration’s “participation in censorship, of political dissent, of people who are criticizing federal policies.”

Kennedy, 69, an environmental lawyer and vocal opponent of vaccines, 

He is from the most prominent family in American politics. His dad, Robert F. Kennedy Sr., served in the Senate and as Attorney General of the United States. JFK was his uncle. 

In his long-shot presidential bid, Kennedy declared that his platform would be dedicated to fighting the corrupt convergence of governmental and corporate power that threatens to impose new corporate feudalism on our country.

Kennedy claims his program would unify Americans by focusing on problems like civil liberties, government openness, and economic renewal.

If elected, Kennedy promised to make government transparent by cracking down on corruption, protecting whistleblowers, and limiting the power of lobbyists.