CNN Issues Defense Of Biden’s Indulgent Vacation Time

In light of the Republican reaction and the ‘work’ facts of Washington, CNN covered President Biden’s ‘standard’ summer vacation.

The headline on Sunday’s article on Biden’s absence from the nation’s capital read that Biden spent August avoiding Washington, but September awaits him. The article seemed to put the president’s absence from the White House throughout August into perspective.

There are some sudden concessions that must be made when the president’s summer vacation comes to an end, the article explained. On Saturday, the President traded in a week of lakeside isolation for the harsh reality of governing the nation from Washington as he returned from a vacation at Lake Tahoe.

The article was published after Biden had come under fire for spending his holiday away from the devastating flames on Maui in places like Lake Tahoe and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Biden’s criticisms of his travels were recognized but cast as Republican outrage. But CNN received online criticism for the piece as well.

Biden said he had “no comment” on the rising death toll in Maui while on holiday in Delaware early in August. The President and First Lady Jill Biden toured Maui for 6 hours after receiving flak for many days before departing for an additional vacation in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Fox News’ Peter Doocy, a journalist who raises legitimate questions, angered White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre last Wednesday when he pointed out that President Joe Biden had gone on vacation while Maui was on fire.

Doocy asked if his team understood that the original response to the Hawaii blaze was not that good. Or is it that when the President isn’t on vacation, individuals have an easier time getting assistance from the White House?

KJP argued that there were several problems with Doocy’s question. As expected, the Press Secretary tried to downplay Joe Biden’s ineptitude with irrelevant material and excuses.
After his trip to Florida, President Biden will return to the Delaware beach, where he spent virtually all of August.