CNN Airs Secret Recording Of Kevin McCarthy

( )- CNN aired a secret recording of Kevin McCarthy and Michael Fanone, a former Metropolitan Police Department officer-turned-law enforcement analyst for CNN, according to Mediaite.

The CNN analyst gave the network his secret recording of a meeting between House Minority Leader McCarthy, Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn and Gladys Sicknick, the mother of Officer Brian Sicknick, who reportedly died shortly after the attack from natural causes related to a stroke, according to the D.C. medical examiner’s office.

The release of the recording comes as Fanone is preparing to release his new memoir, Hold The Line: The Insurrection and One Cop’s Battle for America’s Soul, which focuses on his experience being attacked by Trump supporters at the Capitol on January 6.

In the recording, Fanone calls out Republican lawmakers who were spreading lies about the riot that day.

“What I found most distressing,” Fanone said, “is the comments made by, unfortunately, as a lifelong Republican myself, coming from Republican lawmakers, specifically people like Andrew Clyde, who had made statements like January 6, which were, I mean, not just shocking, but disgraceful. Referring to January 6 as a regular tour day at the Capitol.”

“What I see happening here is I see lawmakers who don’t believe that January 6th is politically advantageous to them,” Fanone continued. “Nobody buys it. It’s crap. It’s crap. It’s disgraceful.”

CNN aired more of the clip in which Fanone urged McCarthy to appoint serious Republicans to the January 6 Select Committee, prior to McCarthy appointing five Republicans, of which two representatives Jim Jordan (OH) and Jim Banks (IN) were rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. McCarthy would then pull all five out in protest.

Fanone also is heard telling McCarthy that the president’s actions that day were “BS.”

“The president’s statements that day were BS. You know,” he said. “You were on the phone with him. While you were on the phone with him, I was getting the sh*t kicked out of me, almost losing my life. The way that he, you know, saying this is what happens when you steal an election. Go home. I love you. What the f*ck Is that!? That came from the president of the United States!”