CNN Airs Congressman Final Words From Last Interview

( )- On Sunday, CNN aired their final interview with former Rep. Paul Mitchell who passed away after a battle with cancer last week. The interview was aired after his death, and shows the independent Michigan congressman calling on the nation’s political leaders to work together and ditch the partisanship.

Telling CNN about the importance of bipartisanship is a brave move…

During the interview, Michell could be seen with tubes in his nose and looking extremely unwell. He described how the United States is suffering deep divisions and said that he would like to talk to President Joe Biden and people within his administration to encourage them to engage more with the other side of the political aisle.

Mitchell expressed his belief that the United States is struggling because many Americans can’t accept that other people believe different things – and instead of looking for things they agree on, people use their differences in opinion to decide whether someone is a good person or not.

“And that’s too bad,” he said.

You can see a clip of the heartbreaking interview below:

Mitchell revealed his cancer struggle in June, announcing that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer. Surgery was required to remove a blood clot and a mass near his heart, and just two months after his diagnosis on August 16, his wife Sherry Mitchell announced that he had passed away.

Mitchell made his start as a Republican legislator but announced in December that he was leaving the party over his inability to recognize the evidence of widespread election fraud and misconduct in the last election. He believed that the election was not influenced by fraud and believed that Joe Biden won.