CNN Airs Audio From Out Of Ukraine

( )- A hotline set up in Ukraine to allow Russian citizens concerned about the welfare of their family members in the Russian army has been established – and right on time, too. Russia has already lost an estimated 4,000 soldiers in this invasion of Ukraine, which is around the same number of soldiers the United States lost in the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

CNN played some leaked audio from this hotline, showing the desperation of Russian people worried about their sons who have been sent to war.

“Hello, do you have information about my husband?” one distressed caller can be heard saying.

Others apologized for bothering the line but asked how their relatives were doing.

CNN reported Alex Marquardt expressed sadness in his reporting, stating that “these are the voices of the Russians.”

He said those calling the hotline were wives, siblings, and parents desperately looking to find any information possible about their relatives who have been sent out to fight. Many of those relatives, who have lost contact with their family back home in Russia, will have been killed, captured, or wounded in battle.

Given the way that CNN has misrepresented comments made by former President Donald Trump about Putin – specifically when he called the Russian leader “savvy” and “genius,” even though Trump also made it clear he didn’t support Putin’s actions – it would be easy to point the finger back at CNN and accuse the far-left news network of promoting Russian propaganda and making Russians look like victims…but we don’t stoop as low as they do.

The truth is that many Russian people don’t support this war and don’t want their children to die on the battlefield or in the streets of Kiev.

The new hotline was established by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and has reportedly received over 6,000 calls since it was set up.

Check out the video and audio here.