Clinton Family: “We Were The Reason Fox News Was Created”

( )- In a recent interview, Chelsea Clinton claimed that the only reason Fox News was created was to attack her family.

The younger Clinton, along with her mother Hillary, is making the media rounds to promote their new AppleTV series “Gutsy.” And in a recent interview in “Variety” Chelsea claimed that Fox News owner, billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, “recognized a great market opportunity.”

Fox launched in October 1996, during the turbulent second term of former President Bill Clinton. And according to the megalomaniacal Chelsea, its sole purpose was to target and attack her father and mother.

Clinton claimed that she and her mother decided to do their “Gutsy” series as a way to push back against Fox News and other right-leaning media outlets. She told “Variety” that Fox has a “destructive impact” because it “hits people with relentless misinformation.”

Clinton accused the top-rated news channel of deliberately trying to convince its viewers to “disbelieve scientists” and claimed Fox is getting away with it.

Chelsea also accused Fox News of putting profits first “at the cost of truth.”

As if any Clinton would know the truth.

Not to be outdone, Hillary chimed in, praising Joe Biden for helping to establish better fact-checking.

Yeah, that’s not the job of the President of the United States.

Hillary said “we haven’t done enough to point out the dangers” of “falsehoods.” She said to “limit the damage,” leaders should “side with facts and evidence.”

As if any Clinton has ever sided with facts and evidence.

Hillary claimed Biden is making “slow progress” to “open people’s minds and eyes to what reality actually is.”

Has she met Joe Biden?

He’s the guy who is claiming his economy is the strongest in history. Joe Biden wouldn’t know reality if it punched him in the face.

Then again, neither would a Clinton.