Clinton Donor Ed Buck Wants His Convictions Overturned

( )- Last week, attorneys for convicted Democrat donor Ed Buck filed papers in court to have his conviction overturned.

Buck was charged in connection to his role in the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, two men who died of overdoses in Buck’s West Hollywood home after the Democrat donor supplied them with drugs.

A jury convicted Buck of nine felony counts, including two counts of distribution of controlled substances resulting in death.

The now-67-year-old Buck was also convicted of enticing Moore, along with another man, to Los Angeles to engage in prostitution; for knowingly and intentionally distributing meth; and for using his apartment to distribute narcotics and sedatives.

Prosecutors alleged that Moore and Dean’s deaths were caused by Buck’s “fetish” for injecting me with increasing doses of methamphetamine until they became comatose.

In the defense motion to acquit filed with the court last week, Buck’s lawyers argued that the prosecution “kink-shamed” Buck when they used his sexual fetishes as a way to obscure the lack of evidence supporting the charges against him.

In their filing, the lawyers made the same argument they made in court, namely that it was underlying medical conditions and not the meth that killed both Moore and Dean.

However, during the trial, the prosecution called several doctors including a county medical examiner all of whom testified that both men died from lethal overdoses of methamphetamine.

Defense attorney Mark Werksman wrote in the filing that Buck was convicted not on the evidence, but on “extremely prejudicial and irrelevant character evidence” including “a concerted effort to kink-shame” Buck by presenting graphic videos and pictures showing his “sexual fetishes.”

Werksman argued that the impact of the so-called “kink-shaming” evidence was “so damaging” that four days into the trial, the Court suggested counseling might be offered to the jurors after the case.

In the motion to acquit, Buck’s defense contends that the only evidence that Buck distributed meth and other drugs was bolstered by testimony from “a parade of financially motivated houseless individuals” and drug addicts who can’t be believed.

A hearing on the defense’s motion to acquit is scheduled for March 28 with his sentencing hearing expected the following week. If the conviction stands, Buck could face up to 20 years in prison.