Clinton Ally Banned From Twitter

( )- Democrats are beginning to feel the wrath of Twitter, with a former advisor to President Bill Clinton having her accounted removed from the platform for sharing “misinformation” about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dissent and be silenced!

Naomi Wolf, who is also the author of “The Beauty Myth” was presented with a message from Twitter when logging into her account this week that says her account was suspended for violating Twitter rules.

It means that Wolf just lost 140,000 followers that she had slowly built up over the years.

According to a statement from Twitter provided to The Hill, Wolf’s account has permanently been removed from the platform for “repeated violations” of their COVID-19 misinformation policy, which stops users from sharing information or making assertions that don’t align with what Twitter believes is the truth about the vaccine and the virus.

To be fair, Wolf has promoted some questionable claims, but the idea that she should be removed from the platform for making such claims is at the heart of the Twitter censorship controversy. This is the platform that permanently removed the president of the United States over fake claims that he incited a violent “insurrection” on Capitol Hill on January 6. The platform has now banned Naomi Wolf for suggesting that Belfast has cleaner, more natural air because it does not have 5G.

Wolf reportedly shared posts on Twitter that claimed the COVID-19 vaccine was a “software platform that can receive uploads” – an unfounded theory, but something she is perfectly entitled to say under the First Amendment.

Wolf also compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to Satan…something that a lot of conservatives probably don’t exactly disagree with at this point…

We’d check to see how Wolf responded to the ban, but it’s pretty difficult when public figures like this are removed from social media.