Clint Eastwood’s Daughter On Why Her Parents Decided To Raise Children Outside Of Hollywood

( )- In an interview with Fox News, Alison Eastwood, the daughter of film star Clint Eastwood praised her parents’ decision to raise her and her brother Kyle away from “the Hollywood scene.”

Eastwood described her “magical upbringing” in Carmel, California, calling it a “beautiful place.” She said she thought her parents wanted to be out of Hollywood to raise their children and since her father loved the Monterey peninsula when he was stationed there while in the army, they chose Carmel.

She said both of her actor parents lived in Los Angeles before they had kids. But when it was time to raise a family, her parents thought it was important to leave “the Hollywood scene.” And for that, Alison Eastwood is grateful “because it was a very magical upbringing.”

She and her brother Kyle grew up “surrounded by the forest” and lived “right on the ocean” so they could “go outside and enjoy nature.”

Both Alison and Kyle Eastwood followed in their parents’ footsteps and pursued film careers. Alison told Fox News that Clint Eastwood never encouraged her to go into acting but he was supportive of her decision to do so.

Alison said she initially wanted to become a veterinarian but balked at the idea of spending eight years in college. Instead, she “