Climate Radical with Dark Money Connections Linked to Biden

For the last several years, progressive Democrats have controlled the federal government. Following the 2020 election, Joe Biden, a Democrat, became president and installed many high-level far-left activists in major bureaucratic positions in the federal government. A major issue that Democrats have pushed to promote is that of the “climate crisis” and “global warming”. Using messaging that claims doomsday is near for planet earth due to “man-made” climate alterations, leftists have suggested that the only way to avoid catastrophe is to promote a radical agenda which would expand the federal government, destroy private energy, and force Americans to abandon gas or diesel powered vehicles.

One proponent of this agenda that has been commonly pushed by progressive politicians and their media allies is the usage of electric vehicles. On Wednesday, September 27th, Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made the bold assertion that electric vehicles were going to be the future of automotive transportation whether people “were ready or not”. Buttigieg, making the statement on CNN, dismissed the concerns of striking auto workers around the heavy push towards electric cars. The average price tag for electric vehicles sits around $53,000 in July of 2023. At a time in which inflation continues to crush average Americans, the Biden administration continues to remain “tone-deaf” and promotes a radical agenda at all costs. Biden, who claims to be a champion of the working man has governed in a way which only the elite have benefited.

Recently, the CEO of Mazda made a statement that electric vehicles are not selling in America. Masahiro Moro stated a statistic that proves this reality; only 8% of the U.S. market in sales this past year came in the form of electric vehicles. Nonetheless, in the Biden administration, it has been reported that the secretary of the interior Deb Haaland’s daughter works for a far-left activist group bent on ending fossil fuels that ludicrously equates them to “colonial white supremacy”.