Climate Czar Says He’s Becoming More & More Militant

Reports show John Kerry, the climate envoy for the Biden administration, addressed the COP28 United Nations delegates in Dubai, UAE, in late November. He expressed his growing concern about climate policy and emphasized that coal power facilities should not be allowed anywhere in the world.

On Health Day, a session was held during the Conference of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The event was launched by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and included Kerry and other countries as panelists.

But it may be time for John Kerry to take stock of his own gaseous emissions into consideration, given he is notoriously concerned about carbon emissions.

At the COP28, the 79-year-old ex-secretary of state was speaking on U.S. policy on coal power plants when a live audience heard a surge of high-pressure air.

Sitting next to Kerry were CNN Abu Dhabi managing editor Becky Anderson and the International Energy Agency’s executive director Fatih Birol when the sound of rumbling sound swept across the room.
Anderson slowly averted her gaze before putting her hand to her mouth and nose.

Continuing his comments, Kerry said that the climate problem and the health issue are the same. He also claimed that coal-fired power plants are responsible for doubling the number of fatalities when compared to other types of air pollution.

Kerry went on to call himself “militant” and express his perplexion about the inaction of those in power.

A climate outlet noted that following the summit president’s claim that no science supports the idea of phasing out fossil fuels, John Kerry tried to spin his comment.

In a teleconference on November 21, the summit’s president, Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, made the comments as mentioned earlier, stating that no science justifies a worldwide phase-out of fossil fuels and that unless it’s your goal to take humanity back into caves, there is no way to achieve global economic development while simultaneously eliminating fossil fuels.

Kerry claimed that Al Jaber’s remarks were misunderstood or needed more explanation.