City Hall In Paris Is Stormed

( )- Last Friday, dozens of activists and African migrants showed up at the city hall in Paris to demand free accommodations.

According to French reporter Clément Lanot, the migrants along with the La Chappelle Debout, an Anti-Racist Collective, invaded and occupied the Paris City Hall.

The stunt was promoted by the collective which billed it as an “Occupation” of the City Hall by migrants, the collective “and their supporters” to demand a meeting with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to protest the eviction of the Immigrant Embassy.

Protesters outside the City Hall demanded papers and housing for all migrants.

The influx of African migrants into Europe exploded in recent years, fueled in large part by the European Union flinging open its borders to so-called “refugees” nearly a decade ago.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), since 2014, over 24,000 African and Middle Eastern migrants have been reported missing in the Mediterranean region with the Central Mediterranean being considered the “deadliest known migration route in the world.” Since 2014, over 17,000 deaths and disappearances have been recorded in the Central Mediterranean alone.

Last month, in one of the deadliest shipwrecks in the eastern Mediterranean, Syrian authorities said they recovered one hundred bodies after a Lebanese migrant boat sank off the coast of Syria.

During his address marking the canonization of Bishop Don Giovanni Battista Scalabrini and Artedime Zatti last Sunday, Pope Francis scolded Europe for its indifference to African migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea, calling it “disgusting, sinful, and criminal.”

The pope also cited the plight of the Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war, saying Europe’s “exclusion of migrants is scandalous.”

Speaking of the newly sainted Scalabrini, who worked with Italians emigrating from their homeland, the pope said of the 19th-century bishop that he envisioned a “world and a Church without barriers where no one was a foreigner.”