City Considering New Amber Alert Style System

Chicago has been plagued with violence and mobs taking over the city. After “teen takeovers” have caused massive injuries to people, including shootings, community groups are looking to put an end to it, according to Breitbart. In recent footage, groups of teens can be seen jumping on cars and causing property damage. 

President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, Bill Morton, called on the city to give more resources and funding to the Chicago Police Department so that they can take care of the crime flooding the streets. To deal with the influx of young people trashing the city, an organization called “I’m Telling, Don’t Shoot” has proposed an Amber Alert-style system. 

Early Walker, the group’s founder, says that an alert will inform parents about what is going on. After receiving an alert, parents can reportedly call their children and ask if they are there, or they can then alert other parents of what is going on and look out for one another. Walker says that the alert will be a way to unify the community.

Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson spoke out against the violence occurring but has said that the young people should not be “demonized” because they “have been starved of opportunities in their own communities.” 

Crime was a dark stain on the former mayor’s term. Lori Lightfoot frequently sparred and became defensive with reporters over crime statistics. The homicide rate reportedly increased by 40% since she was first elected. That rate reached the peak in 2021 when 800 murders were recorded in Chicago, representing the highest in 25 years. 

Paul Vallas, one of the contenders in the Democratic primary, previously pledged to give police officers what they need so that they can do their job. He discussed how morale was low among the force as crime continued to surge.