Citizens Told Not To Travel In Britain

( )- This week, British citizens were advised against traveling as the United Kingdom was battered by Storm Eunice. It was the second major storm in the space of a week, and it prompted a rare “red” weather warning in the country, particularly in southern England.

The United Kingdom enjoys typically more moderate weather than much of the United States, making the storm a surprise for most people.

Storm Eunice caused major disruption and dangerous conditions across much of the country, with some of the coastal parts of the country seeing winds reach 90mph.

Footage shared online showed trash cans being whipped up into the air in heavy wind, church steeples falling to the ground, and trees being uprooted.

In Essex, an ancient oak tree, estimated to be around 400 years old, was completely uprooted by the winds and went crashing through a family’s roof.

Storm Eunice came only days after Storm Dudley.

The Met Office described how Storm Eunice was “under a powerful part of the jet stream, where winds are close to 200 mph and this will help Eunice to rapidly strengthen” over a period of 24 hours.

London, England’s capital city, was hit particularly hard. It prompted Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to encourage Londoners to “stay at home” and not top travel “unless it is absolutely essential.”

Many flights and trains were also canceled across the country and British Airways warned of severe delays at Heathrow Airport.