CIA Concluded Data On Trump’s Russia Ties Were “User Created”

( )- In a court filing submitted last Friday, Special Counsel John Durham revealed that the “data” compiled by Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was, in 2017, deemed by the CIA as “not technically plausible” and “user-created.”

In other words, five years ago, while the media and Democrats screeched about Trump and Russia, the CIA had already concluded that the whole “Alfa Bank/Trump” connection was garbage.

Durham’s filing was in response to objections by Sussmann’s defense over what evidence could be admissible in the trial scheduled to begin next month.

Sussmann is accused of lying to the FBI when he presented the supposed data linking Trump to Russia’s Alfa Bank. Sussmann had claimed that he was not meeting with the FBI on behalf of a particular client when, in reality, he was presenting the information on behalf of the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and a tech executive with whom he worked.

Durham alleges that in February 2017, Sussmann provided an “updated set of allegations” including the claims about Alfa Bank to a second US agency. That agency was the CIA.

In his filing on Friday, Durham said that the CIA “concluded that the [Alfa Bank] allegations were untrue and unsupported.”

The CIA concluded in early 2017 that the Alfa Bank data and the “Russian Phone Provider 1 data” were not “technically plausible” and did not “withstand technical scrutiny.” The CIA determined that the data “contained gaps” and conflicted with itself. What’s more, the data wasn’t machine/tool generated; it was “user-created.”

While Durham concedes in his filing that the office of the special counsel hasn’t independently reached the same conclusion as the CIA, he argues that the steps both the CIA and FBI took to “investigate these matters is critical to establishing materiality.”

Durham explains that the information will help inform the jury’s conclusions as to whether Sussmann’s false statement is material “and could tend to influence or impair government functions.”

In his filing, Durham stated that Sussmann, while working for the Clinton campaign’s opposition research efforts, “took steps to integrate” the Alfa Bank allegations “into those opposition research efforts.”

Michael Sussmann’s trial is scheduled to begin on May 16.