CIA Analyst Exposes Joe Biden’s Lies For All To See

( )- In the wake of public pressure over his silence in the face of the massive disaster in Afghanistan, President Biden was forced to put his Camp David vacation on hold to return to the White House and address the nation.

The speech was filled with blame-shifting and deflection. The president acted as if the public outrage was over his decision for the US to leave Afghanistan, not the bungling, mismanaged way his Administration chose to do it. Instead of tackling the disastrous pull-out head-on, Biden simply reaffirmed his commitment to end the “forever war.”

But the issue was never the decision to withdraw, but how that withdrawal was handled.

Naturally, Biden also pointed the finger of blame everywhere but at himself or his administration. He blamed Trump, of course. But he also blamed the Afghan forces and the Afghan people for not stopping the Taliban.

As soon as he finished his speech, Biden hightailed it out of the room without taking a single question from reporters, hopped back on Marine One and returned to Camp David to go back into hiding.

It was shameful.

After the speech was over, MSNBC’s resident fabulist Brian Williams invited on Matt Zeller, a former CIA analyst who served in Afghanistan. And in introducing Zeller, Williams made the mindboggling claim that in his speech Biden “owned his decision. He owned the fact that, as he put it, the buck stops with him.”

And Zeller, speaking for virtually every sane American who watched that speech, slammed Williams’ assessment then turned his sights on Joe Biden. Saying there was a “profound, bald-faced lie” in Biden’s speech (only one?), Zeller disputed the president’s claim that his administration planned for every contingency.

He also hammered Biden for having the audacity to blame the Afghan military as if they hadn’t been bearing the brunt of the fighting against the Taliban. Zeller pointed out the sheer number of Afghan forces who have died fighting, despite the fact that they weren’t getting paid on a regular basis.


Zeller wasn’t the only one to hammer Biden for his pathetic finger-pointing.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper wouldn’t let that blame-shifting go unnoticed:

Neither did ABC News’ Terry Moran: