Christie Promises To Follow Trump Everywhere If He Skips Debate

This weekend, Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, threatened to follow Trump “across the nation” if the former president decided to boycott the second Republican presidential debate.

Trump, now in the lead for the Republican candidacy in 2024, skipped the first Republican presidential debate last month.

If Trump doesn’t attend the forthcoming second debate, Christie said he would “follow him across the nation” to confront him in person. On Sunday, he told Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz that If Trump wants to hide from the debates, “you know, we’re going to give him another opportunity.”

Christie said he doubted that Trump would attend the Reagan debate. He said he would give Trump another chance to participate in the debate in Alabama, but if he doesn’t, he’ll follow him across the nation and find him. “I’ll follow him everywhere he goes,” Christie said.

Eventually, the ex-New Jersey gov said, we’ll have to talk with one another “one way or the other.”

On Sunday, Kurtz questioned the former governor if he had effectively ” marketed” himself to Republicans as one of the GOP primary field’s leading opponents of Trump.

Christie said he sets himself apart from the rest of the pack, a necessary first step in any election. Christie emphasized the importance of spreading the word about your cause and the opportunities your background might open up for others.

“The American people are weary of being lied to,” he said, adding that people are sick of Joe Biden’s constant deception– such as when he claimed the other day that he had cut the deficit when he plans to raise it this year.

Christie said the people are also weary of being misled by Donald Trump when he “claims the election in 2020 was stolen.”

Many people have pointed out that being anti-Trump is not a policy position. Christie must begin to articulate what he stands for.