Chris Wallace Admits Joe Biden Dragged McAuliffe Down

( )- During Tuesday night’s Fox News election coverage, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace suggested that the reason Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was doing so poorly in Virginia is that President Joe Biden dragged him down.

Wallace joined Fox News host Martha MacCallum to discuss the surprising turn of events in Virginia where political newcomer defied the odds in a deep blue state Joe Biden won last year by nearly ten points.

MacCallum observed that during his press conference from Glasgow earlier in the day, President Biden tried to distance himself from the state of the Virginia race. She ran the clip of Biden saying that he hadn’t seen any evidence that his poor poll numbers or his inability to advance his so-called “Build Back Better” spending package would have any impact on the Virginia race. She then asked Wallace to give his take on what Biden said.

Wallace expressed surprise that White House operatives had been sending out the talking point “all day” that the Virginia race is not a referendum on President Biden. Wallace told MacCallum “this is an odd thing to do” when their guy has a chance of winning the race. Calling the White House talking points a “pre-butal,” Wallace said the message they were sending is “Don’t blame us if McAuliffe loses.”

Wallace then argued that Biden’s sinking poll numbers definitely had an impact on the Virginia race. He suggested that McAuliffe may have a better chance of winning if Biden’s approval rating were in the low 50s instead of the low 40s.

Wallace suggested that, had the White House been able to score a significant win immediately after the Afghanistan debacle, or if Biden had been able to pass more of his agenda in August or September, that could have “changed the narrative a lot” from the Afghanistan failures, rising inflation, and the crisis at the border.

Wallace added that there “hasn’t been a positive Biden and Democratic agenda message that’s gone out there.” As a result, instead of Joe Biden and his agenda being a positive asset for McAuliffe, Biden has been attached to McAuliffe “like a weight tied to his ankle.”