Chris Cuomo Finally Admits Part He Played In Brother’s Scandal

( )- Chris Cuomo, the controversial CNN host who just so happened to go on vacation right as his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was announcing his resignation after it was revealed that he sexually harassed multiple women, admitted on Monday that he did provide advice to his brother.

It comes after much speculation over whether Chris Cuomo engaged in unprofessional conduct, providing advice to a sitting politician despite being one of the most high-profile members of the national news movie.

Ending his Monday show, Cuomo thanked viewers for their support and said that there are many people out there feeling pain.

How many people are really in pain over the prospect of Andrew Cuomo stepping down after being disgraced? Really?

Cuomo added that he hopes that “everyone involved can get to a better place” and that the situation will result in some “higher good.”

He then addressed the elephant in the room – whether or not he advised his brother, and why he never covered the story. He claimed that he never talked about the scandal, which saw a dozen women come forward and claim that the Democratic governor sexually harassed and even touched them because there is a conflict of interest and CNN rules stopped him from doing so.

He admitted to being unable to be objective when it comes to his family, so that instead of reporting on the story, he tried to “be there: for his brother.

Cuomo also revealed:

“I did urge my brother to resign when the time came.”

Doesn’t that make him an adviser?

And doesn’t that mean Chris Cuomo, a member of the media, offered advice to a sitting politician?

Surely there are rules against that.