Chris Christie Rejects Idea ff Running for Senate

In the years, weeks, and months that have encompassed Joe Bidens term as president of the United States, the nation has been locked within a period of seemingly never-ending problems and turmoil in every area of governance. Average Americans across every region of the nation continue to struggle, facing skyrocketing costs and inflation levels not seen since Jimmy Carter was president. On the global stage, foreign opponents of the America, particularly the nations of Russia and China, have operated tenaciously while being virtually unchecked. In October, Vladimir Putin will visit Beijing, and a clear, budding alliance between the two nations is transparently being displayed. Overall, the United States appears to be on an inevitable decline.

On the domestic front, most major media outlets and political parties continue to place a heavy emphasis on the upcoming 2024 presidential election. On September 27th, the second Republican debate was held, and while lively, it may prove to be irrelevant, as the former 45th President Donald Trump (who was not in attendance) maintains a massive lead over the crowded field of rival candidates. One such candidate, polling at only about 3%, has soundly rejected proposals to consider a run for senate in 2024 instead of the presidency.

The former Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has been vocally critical of Trump, appearing routinely on major left wing media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC. While Christie has endeared himself to Democrats, he has likely destroyed his reputation within his own party, and the polls continue to show that he is unpopular. Back in his home state, Senator Bob Menendez is once again involved in a serious legal investigation alleging corruption. Menendez, who faced similar allegations in 2018, maintained his innocence and was soundly re-elected. When asked whether he would consider running in his home state once again, Christie claimed he had no interest in representing the Garden State in the United States Senate.