Chinese Leader Reportedly Killed For His Liver

( )- A former member of a criminal gang in Japan claims to have witnessed China’s live organ trade after seeing a young man under anesthesia, his tendons being severed to prevent him from fleeing, put on an operating table, and had his liver removed.

That happened in August 2007, when Ushio Sugawara, now 58, was still a part of Japan’s most prominent criminal organization, the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi. He disbanded the gang in 2015 and is now a Japanese economic analyst.

His friend’s brother needed a new liver desperately to survive. The ailing patient sought out what seemed to be his only option: China because the United States and France—two of the few nations at the time providing liver transplant surgeries—had stringent rules, exorbitant expenses, and lengthy waiting periods.

At the time, the General Hospital of the Armed Police Forces in Beijing, a government-run military hospital, had developed into a specialist in liver transplant operations in the country.

The brother was in touch with the Beijing hospital by a Chinese broker who promoted medical travel between China and Japan. They found a suitable donor within a month and instructed the patient to travel over for an operation “anytime.” The cost was 30 million yen (about $255,000), which was not even close to the amount they had been quoted in France and the United States.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Sugawara described how he became involved after the family discovered that the albumin, a protein generated by the liver and injected during the procedure, was of subpar quality at the hospital. With the permission of the Chinese hospital, he assisted them in obtaining the solution in Japan to sneak into Beijing.

Sugawara visited the patient the day before the planned operation and discovered that the donor was in the adjacent room.

The Japanese-speaking Chinese doctor opened the curtain and asked if anyone would want to have a peek. A 21-year-old male was then visible. The anesthesia rendered the man unconscious.

He is young.  The doctor assured Sugawara that the liver was in excellent condition. Sugawa enquired as to what type of character the donor was. The doctor said the individual was a “bad person” on death row.

It was then that Sugawa understood that China harvests organs from convicts.

The doctor said, “He will pass away sooner or later, and this way, he may make some more contribution before his death.”