China Now Has Enough Stolen Data From U.S. That It Can Create A Dossier On Every American

( )- Some of the most senior national security officials from the Donald Trump administration are warning that china may have obtained enough data from various cyber crimes and attacks committed in recent years that the Chinese communist party is now able to compile a dossier of every single adult living in the United States.

You read that right.

Matthew Pottinger, who was formerly the deputy national security adviser to President Donald Trump, said last week during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that China is looking for ways to utilize the data stolen from the United States over recent years. The Chinese Communist Party is also looking for new ways to coerce and influence everyone in the United States, from private citizens to politicians.

Who knows…maybe China is already influencing President Joe Biden.

Pottinger revealed that compiling dossiers on people has long been a “feature of Leninist regimes” but that the penetration of 5G networks globally by Chinese tech companies has taken the practice to a “new level.”

He revealed that the Chinese Communist Party is compiling dossiers on millions of people from all over the world using material that has been gathered through hacking. The dossiers are believed to be tools for the Chinese Communist Party to blackmail, intimidate, reward, and even humiliate people into doing their bidding.

It comes after a series of major cyber attacks that have come from Russian and Chinese cyber criminals which have affected not just private businesses but also U.S. government agencies.

The hack of Microsoft’s cloud system was blamed on the Chinese Ministry of State Security, for instance, which is believed to have overseen a hack that compromised dozens of U.S. government agencies.

For some reason, though, the United States still hasn’t placed sanctions on China.

Shouldn’t Joe Biden be doing something about this?