China Just Showed Its Biggest Support For Putin’s Invasion So Far

( )- According to a video broadcast by Russia’s State Duma, a top Chinese official has pledged Beijing’s greatest support to date for the Kremlin’s assault in Ukraine.

Li Zhanshu, China’s third-ranking leader, visited Moscow last week and assured senior Russian officials of his nation’s “understanding and full support” during their meeting on September 9. Among them was Vyacheslav Volodin, the head of Russia’s lower house of parliament, the Duma.

Li, head of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, said to the Russian MPs that the United States and NATO are advancing right on Russia’s doorstep, jeopardizing Russia’s national security and the lives of Russian residents,

Given the situation, Russia has made the appropriate preparations. China is aware, and we are working together on several fronts.

Li remarked in Chinese in a video posted on the Duma’s website that he thinks Russia was cornered. Russia responded firmly to defend the nation’s fundamental interests in this instance.

Li’s interpreted comments had already been made public by the Duma, which translated “coordinating on many elements” as “we are extending our help.” The parliament’s text further stated that NATO and the United States had “placed Russia in an unsustainable predicament.”

State media in China did not highlight Li’s remarks about Ukraine in their trip coverage, which started with a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok. Before the Duma film was made public, Li’s claims regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could not be independently verified.

Due to the sensitivity of the Duma video’s content, official Chinese media has chosen not to cover it.

Li is the third-ranking member of China’s seven-member Politburo Standing Committee, the highest ranking body of the Chinese Communist Party, behind President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang.

The tone for an upcoming meeting between Xi and Putin, their first in-person talks since February and Xi’s first overseas travel in more than two years, has been established by recent comments made by Li Zhanshu and others. The two leaders, 69 years old, will be in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from September 15 to 16 for a Shanghai Cooperation Organization leaders’ meeting.

On September 8, Li and Volodin had a one-on-one meeting during which the Chinese official shared identical views, according to the Duma.

In response to Western sanctions against Moscow, he was cited as saying, “Our cooperation is based on the essential interests of our two nations and gives certainty and stability to a chaotic world.”