China Is Bragging About Helping Taliban, When Biden Has Given Taliban Even More

( )- China is making a big deal because they gave Afghanistan’s terror group, the Taliban, 37 million dollars. However, this is small compared to the $84 billion Biden handed out to them.

China disclosed that it had provided the Taliban with $37 million to ensure the terror group remained in political power.

Since the jihadist terrorist government gained control in August, China’s Ambassador to the Taliban, Wang Yu, declared on Tuesday that the Communist Party of China had invested $37.4 million to fortify the success of the jihadist terrorist government.

China has been one of the most fervent backers of restoring the Sunni jihadist movement known as the Taliban. China has even gone as far as to proclaim the Taliban’s recapture of Kabul in August 2021 a “sunny day” for the globe.

China, along with the rest of the world, has not formally recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan; instead, it accepts the Taliban as an “interim” government entity. However, China has openly treated the terrorists as a legitimate government, and it was revealed just a month ago that a Taliban “ambassador” is stationed in Afghanistan’s embassy in Beijing.

In September of last year, the Taliban announced they would form a new government. Following this, Beijing committed to assisting Afghanistan in reconstructing its economy and society and in the fight against terrorist organizations and the illegal drug trade.

Wang stated that China had indicated it would contribute 200 million yuan in emergency humanitarian help to Afghanistan after the change in administration. All the goods had been handed over to the nation since the initial delivery in September.

After a powerful earthquake devastated southern Afghanistan last month, leaving more than 1,000 people dead, almost 2,000 people injured, and tens of thousands of people homeless, China promised additional 50 million yuan in emergency humanitarian relief to the country.

Biden is light years ahead of China. In the worst surrender in the annals of military history, Joe Biden handed over $84 billion worth of weaponry, planes, and other equipment to the Taliban.

Then, after giving the Taliban billions of dollars, Biden deserted the 9,000 American troops serving there.