China Gets Chummy With Kim Jong Un As Global Tensions Rise

According to a report, amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula, Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un to increase dialogue with China.

Xi recently sent a letter to Kim, emphasizing that China and North Korea’s longstanding relationship had endured the ups and downs of a shifting international climate while maintaining a steady upward trajectory.

Despite being sent last week, the letter wasn’t made available until this week, shortly before G7 foreign ministers requested North Korea desist from any future destabilizing or provocative measures. Which included further nuclear testing or launches using ballistic missile technology.

Additionally, it occurred at a time of growing hostility on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea conducted what is thought to be its first solid-fuel ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) test on Friday, marking the country’s eleventh missile test of the year. In response, Japan issued an alert on the northern island of Hokkaido, urging inhabitants to take cover.

Some experts have speculated that Pyongyang may now be able to launch missiles capable of reaching the mainland United States, according to the most recent test.

The report shows that the UN Security Council has been passing resolutions, some of which include penalties, against North Korea since 2006 in an attempt to prevent it from conducting ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

Russia’s conflict in Ukraine and the intense rivalry between the US and China have polarized the 15-member organization. They have been unable to agree on a response to North Korea’s recent defiance.

According to a report, state media reports that North Korea has declared the completion of the country’s first military surveillance satellite and given the go-ahead for a scheduled launch.

The state-run KCNA news agency reported that Kim, while touring the country’s National Aerospace Development Administration, said that developing surveillance capabilities was a priority to counter “threats” from South Korea and the US. Multiple satellites were vital in establishing intelligence gathering.

Kim strongly suggested that the satellite be launched soon. However, he gave no specifics on when that time would be.