China Announces Robot That Crawls Into Brain

Decades ago, the English writer George Orwell published the novel 1984 in which an apocalyptic authoritarian future is showcased. The narrative was meant to serve as a warning by Orwell to humanity about the potential threats that modernism and technology posed to western society and the world at large. Today, the globe appears close to this Orwellian future. The latest technological craze that many economic experts have discussed is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology continues to advance, and many continue to make the claim that the technology is threatening and may result in the loss of millions of jobs. The giant Goldman Sachs recently released a report that an estimated 300 million jobs are in danger as Artificial intelligence advances in its ability. In the doomsday-like report, the organization released the statistic that 18% of work globally could be replaced by the technology.

Domestically speaking, Goldman Sachs estimated that about a quarter of employment in the United States could be deemed obsolete if the technology continues to evolve.

Social media companies have quickly adopted the technology. For many years, there has been a debate surrounding individual privacy and way that private companies utilize the data of individuals. Social media also has been long claimed to be detrimental to the mental health of young people. Millions of children around the world are engaged for serious amounts of time on social media, which has completely changed the way people socialize. Bullying, harassment, and overall symptoms of anxiety and depression often originate from an addition and even an average usage of these platforms.

In another recent development related to technology, it appears that China has invented a robot that has the ability to crawl into people’s heads. China claims it could revolutionize surgery and save the lives of people with serious cranial conditions. The country claims the robot, called a “microfibrebot” could reduce the risk of brain aneurysms and possibly save countless lives.