Children’s Nurse Accused of Stalking Three Women, Including Politician

Sometimes, people just can’t help themselves and engage in inappropriate behavior. This seems to have been the case with one woman from Australia who has been accused of stalking. The woman, a pediatric nurse by profession, was arrested after allegedly stalking a politician she met on a dating app. In a report by the outlet Daily Mail Australia, the 39 year Adrianne McKinney encountered the politician after a meetup through a connection on the dating app Hinge. Following this, McKinney used Instagram and a mobile phone to continue to stalking behaviors. This is not the first time McKinney has been accused of engaging in stalking behaviors- two other women have also alleged she engaged in absurd behaviors and accessed one individual’s private medical record. McKinney had been employed at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and previously had been employed at the Randwick Children’s Hospital as a specialist child nurse. Bizarrely, it appears she utilized her father’s email to continue harassments.

Another woman in the United Kingdom engaged in even more insane behaviors. A woman named Veronica Jackson wire-tapped her ex boyfriends’ automobile and then began to redirect his mail to her house. While doing this, she attempted to claim that he was defrauding her of benefits and child support. The pair had a twelve year old daughter. The woman is now facing jail time. 

A 20 year old male from College Station, Texas is facing charges after being accused of stalking an ex-girlfriend and breaking into her residence on June 22nd. After being discovered, he tried to flee law enforcement officials. He was discovered by police officers inside his ex-girlfriend’s house. Earlier in the month, on June 19th, the man, named Julian Rasuli, called his ex-girlfriend 150 times in one day. After she blocked his number, he then showed up at her place of work. The world is full of bizarre occurrences and out-of-touch individuals who routinely demonstrate extreme behavior.