Children Dead After Deadly Airstrike

( )- An airstrike by the Ethiopian military killed 10 people last Thursday, including children, according to a doctor in the Tigray region of the country. The airstrike was the deadliest of a number of attacks by the military.

The airstrike campaign began last week as the conflict in the country continues to get worse.

International governments have repeatedly called for a ceasefire between Ethiopian and Trigray forces in the country. The Tigray forces controlled the country for a long period before being pushed aside by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Several thousand people have been killed in the country, which is the second-most populous in the whole of Africa.

And on top of the military conflict, the nation also continues to experience a major poverty crisis and food shortage.

Legesse Tulu, a government spokesperson, spoke to The Associated Press about the conflict and explained how the latest airstrike was targeted at a site in Mekele, an Ethiopian city. The site was used by Tigray forces to manufacture weapons, and the attack ultimately ended up killing three children. 10 people died and 21 were injured, and the death toll is expected to rise.

The Ethiopian government said that the new airstrikes have only been directed at military sites, but Tigray forces have repeatedly claimed that civilian facilities including a medical clinic and factories have also been targeted by the military.

Footage shows the devastating impact of the airstrikes, with clearly civilian sites being destroyed by the bomb. Homes were completely obliterated and bodies were seen being dragged from underneath the rubble.

One doctor told Reuters that the latest strike hit a residential area, not a military site.