Central Park May Soon Be Overrun With Illegal Migrants

Due to the inflow of migrants, the city’s homeless shelters have been overwhelmed.

So now, one of New York City’s most recognizable landmarks may be sacrificed to house illegal immigrants. Reports say municipal officials are considering utilizing Central Park to house recently arrived illegal immigrants.

When questioned about the likelihood of illegal immigrants being housed in Central Park on Wednesday, NYC Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom did not immediately dismiss the idea. The mayor’s press secretary would not rule out the prospect of migrants being housed in the park, citing the many people waiting for city-funded shelter and emergency lodging.

During a recent press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams reportedly spoke frankly about the city’s inability to provide enough housing for immigrants. Adams predicted that things would only get worse.

It was reported in late July that migrants were sleeping on the sidewalk outside of NYC’s iconic Roosevelt Hotel.

Adams, a Democrat, has voiced displeasure with the way President Joe Biden’s administration has dealt with the influx of illegal immigrants into New York City.
Adams has gone as far as suggesting that illegal people look for public assistance in other locations.

More than 95,000 people have sought refuge in the United States since the spring of last year. Fabien Levy said, “All options are still being considered” concerning this concept.

NPR reports that New York is one of the few American cities ensuring citizens’ access to safe housing. Adams has recommended reversing this approach in light of the surge of refugees.

Other reports say the city is also considering relocating illegal migrants to Prospect Park in Brooklyn and Randall Island.

In May, in response to objections from concerned parents, local officials scrapped a proposal to shelter illegal persons in the city’s public schools.