Ceasefire Deal Looms For Gaza

Israel’s military cabinet was updated on Gaza ceasefire negotiations after Paris developments. The discussions include hostage release, a six-week truce, and Israeli release of Palestinian detainees.

Reports show that Qatar, the U.S., and Egypt are facilitating the discussions to strike a deal before Ramadan.  It was revealed this week that Israel would be sending a group to Qatar for negotiations. According to Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to the White House, the fundamentals of a hostage arrangement and a temporary truce have been worked out.

The Israeli media announced at the end of February that the hostage and peace negotiations in Paris had made progress.  David Barnea, head of Israel’s espionage agency, met with American, Egyptian, and Qatari negotiators in Paris.  After allegedly agreeing on the deal’s framework, which would serve as the cornerstone of future discussions, they reportedly submitted it to the Israeli military cabinet.

According to Israeli media, the war cabinet has decided to dispatch a mission to Qatar to discuss further a proposal that would include a ceasefire lasting weeks and the exchange of hostages.

A Palestinian official said that the talks in Paris had failed and that the negotiators had leaked false material to put pressure on Hamas.

Nonetheless, according to Egyptian state media, individuals from  Israel, the US, Egypt, and Qatar started discussions in Doha, with officials from Hamas also present. The newest rumors of progress in striking a settlement have gone unremarked upon by Hamas.

Netanyahu’s post-war Gaza strategy includes a Rafah attack, which might be postponed if a compromise is made.

Meanwhile, UNRWA has suspended aid deliveries to Gaza due to theft by locals and Hamas intervention.

Asserting that the risk of catastrophe in Gaza is escalating, the United Nations broadcasts footage of Gazans in Jabalia, northern Gaza, desperately awaiting food.

Strikes have claimed the lives of a purported 29,600 Palestinians, with thousands more presumably buried beneath debris throughout Gaza. Following the October 7, 2023, terrorist attacks on Israeli neighborhoods near Gaza, Israel has vowed to eradicate Hamas.