CDC Director Targets Unvaccinated Americans With Emotional Blackmail

( )- Someone really needs to tell CDC Director Rochelle Walensky that she isn’t America’s longsuffering mother. This woman uses emotional manipulation with startling regularity. And that is no way for a government official to behave.

During a White House COVID-19 briefing last Thursday, Walensky blamed unvaccinated people for the rapid spread of the Delta variant and for causing “unnecessary suffering, hospitalizations, and potentially death.”

You’d think a scientist could come up with a better incentive to get those who remain “vaccine hesitant” than “YOU’RE KILLING PEOPLE!!!” But Walensky is a drama queen.

Back in May, Walensky played the Mom Card, getting all dramatic over how her son won’t be able to go to summer camp this year. Oh, boo hoo.

That’s as bad as when Governor Gretchen Whitmer side-stepped her husband violating her lockdowns to get their boat in the water by whining about how her daughter didn’t get a prom.

These people are shameless.

Walensky’s point last Thursday is valid. The Delta variant seems to be hitting hardest in areas with lower vaccination rates. Fine. Just say that. There’s no reason to accuse the vaccine hesitant of being responsible for the increase in cases while implying that they’re causing “potentially” death.

Of course Walensky also used the “if you want to go back to normal, get vaccinated” strategy as well – as if the government has the power to grant you your freedom.

Walensky then took to Twitter to share “what keeps me awake at night.” And what keeps her awake at night? Those selfish people who won’t get the vaccine, that’s what! They’re the ones responsible for “unnecessary death” and “unneeded suffering.”

So don’t make Rochelle lose sleep because you’re unvaccinated!

As vaccination campaigns go, “Do it for Rochelle” seems like a loser.

Then again, the entire Biden Vaccination Plan has been so terrible, “Do it for Rochelle” fits right in.

It is clear from the Administration’s recent strategies that the White House is panicking. No, not over “unnecessary death” or “unneeded suffering.” They’re panicking because they had hoped for a quick and decisive COVID victory to make up for all the bad economic news. And they thought getting the majority of Americans vaccinated as quickly as possible would hand them that victory.

But the American people aren’t cooperating.

And the victory lap the White House desperately wants keeps getting delayed.