CCP Leader Reveals They Are Behind Plot To Infiltrate Western Media

( )- Xi Jinping, the authoritarian leader of China and the Chinese Communist Party, has called on his party to increase its “influence” over foreign media outlets.

Speaking at the Central Committee’s Political Bureau, Xi stressed that his party must have a “profound understanding” of the importance of improving China’s “international communication.” He told the Chinese Communist Party to “develop a voice in international discourse” that matches China’s “national strength.” The contents of the speech were reported by state-run media propaganda outlet Xinhua.

Xi said that China’s influence over international discourse has improved in recent years, but said that Chinese government officials and workers must go to greater extents to “construct” China’s narrative and discourse on an international basis. He also stresses the importance of creating new propaganda across new expressions and domains.

In short, China is preparing for a brand new propaganda push on an international level. It remains unclear exactly what President Xi is talking about, but if China is already paying a fortune in international media, it could mean additional Chinese investment in television and movies.

It’s no secret that China spends millions every year on advertising in Western media outlets. In 2020, China Daily paid $19 million to U.S. newspapers for advertising and printing, and that same trend continued into 2021, with millions more spent in advertising on media outlets across Europe and America.

China’s goal of replacing the United States and the world superpower is not out of the question at this point, but it depends on how the United States responds to China’s subversive tactics. The country is already widely believed to be responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak – so any new propaganda effort will need to be extremely well organized.