CBP Issues Emergency Message To Illegals

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Thanks to President Joe Biden’s reversal of various Trump-era immigration policies, along with his promise of amnesty to tens of millions of illegals residing in the United States, American border officials have been totally overwhelmed with growing numbers of arrivals at the border.

Roughly 180,000 illegal aliens were apprehended in April alone, with numbers increasing and migrant detention centers overflowing. It’s gotten so bad that Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Troy Miller told a House Appropriations Subcommittee last week that they are resorting to issuing “report to ICE” orders to illegal aliens, in the hope that they will simply…hand themselves in.

How likely does that sound?

Miller explained that Mexico has stopped accepting illegal aliens being returned to the country, and that the sheer number of illegals who were apprehended last month represents the biggest influx into the United States over the last two decades.

During the hearing, Miller revealed how a shocking 35% of all those who have been apprehended at the border so far have previously been removed by the United States. The scenario has become so farcical that border agents now refer to President Joe Biden as “let ‘em go Joe.”

If our border force doesn’t have faith in the president, then just how bad is this situation going to get?

Border agents have already admitted this year to releasing illegal aliens into the United States without being given dates to appear in court. The process of catch and release is already controversial and was changed by President Donald Trump, given that most illegals would simply fail to turn up for their court date and continue living illegally in the United States.

Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, accused the Department of Homeland Security of breaking immigration laws earlier this month for doing exactly this – but action has yet to be taken.

Does President Biden really think we can count on illegal aliens to simply “report to ICE”?