Catholic Church Sends Email Saying Media Requests Will Be Ignored

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Due to her views on abortion, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was told the San Francisco Archbishop would deny her communion.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., inadvertently replied in an email to a reporter for The Washington Examiner that was requesting comment on the San Francisco archbishop’s decision.

The email said, “Just sharing for you to know what comes in. Email since Saturday, when I last checked the comms inbox, has just been a couple of random people wanting to tell Cardinal to bring down the hammer on Pelosi. Aside from Jack Jenkins at RNS, this is the only new media inquiry.

After the Washington Examiner followed up, a spokesperson acknowledged the email had been sent in error.

The representative apologized for the mistake and said Cardinal Wilton Gregory’s opinion hasn’t changed. Therefore they were not responding to questions.

“Archbishop Cordileone’s San Francisco acts are his decision. Cardinal Gregory hasn’t told Washington’s priests to deny Communion.”

In a 2021 interview with Crux Now, Gregory evaded the question of Communion for pro-choice lawmakers. He said that, as pastors, we must preach the Church’s beliefs and stay loyal to its legacy, but we must also draw others along. Not just by pointing out their mistakes.

Cordileone said his decision to deny Pelosi the sacrament had “nothing to do” with the leak of the Supreme Court draft ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which would knock down Roe v. Wade, but rather with Pelosi’s “extreme and forceful” lobbying for codifying Roe into federal law.

The archbishop said he was following Pope Benedict XVI’s guidance, which he sent to bishops in 2004 when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger.
Cardinal Ratzinger said that they must meet, converse, and convert the politicians. If, after repeated efforts, it’s evident this won’t happen, the bishop or pastor should proclaim the person ineligible for Holy Communion.

Politico Playbook reported that Pelosi received Holy Communion at Holy Trinity in Georgetown at 9 a.m.

The San Francisco Examiner urged Pope Francis to dismiss Cordileone for excluding Pelosi from Communion. The editorial board criticized the archbishop for “punishing” Pelosi instead of “right-wing lawmakers” who oppose health care and giving money to the poor.

The radical editorial board said that Cordileone’s greatest commitment was not to Christ but a conspiracy of far-right American bishops led by Raymond Leo Burke. They called the Bishop a “radical conservative.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is clear about obtaining and helping in abortions: “The Church has condemned abortion from the first century. This teaching is unchanging.”

According to these loons, the position that embraces life, not taking one, is “radical.”