Car Crashes Into 12 Children in France, Several Injuries Reported

car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collision in city

Near a renowned French vacation site, a vehicle crashed into a group of ten youngsters, leaving them with critical injuries. 

On the western French road of La Rochelle, an 83-year-old driver slammed into a group of children bicycling in a single file along the Avenue de Coligny when the accident occurred.

Seven of the kids were severely hurt, with three of them in critical care. Traumatized witnesses recounted “terrible images” at the scene, watching children explode into the air as they cried in agony and fear.

One of the children required the use of an air ambulance to be transported to Poitiers, a city in France, for potentially life-saving medical care. Another two had to be classified as “extreme emergency” situations, according to Emmanuel Cayron, a local official.

Pictures of the driver’s damaged yellow Renault Twingo, which went viral later, showed a severely damaged front bumper and bent bike frames scattered on the concrete.

Police officers, seven ambulances, and thirty-two firefighters were sent to the scene of the accident.

Following the elderly motorist’s negative results for alcohol and drugs provided by emergency personnel, investigators began their investigation into the accident’s causes.

Although police brought her into custody at the scene, she was subsequently released and sent to the hospital because she was not considered suitable for questioning.

As was their custom, the twelve teenage riders were enjoying a leisurely bike ride after school.

The approaching Twingo ran them down as they made their way to Franck Delmas Park, which was about one and a half miles from the Bernard Palissy school.

Two activity leaders were also there.

In order to help the youngsters who were not seriously hurt, officials are establishing a medical and psychological response center at a municipal facility in La Rochelle, according to France Bleu.