Capitol Riot Violence Is Crazy, Tomi Lahren Says

( Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren hit out at the small contingent of protesters who turned the January 6 protest on Capitol Hill violent, asking them, “have you lost your damn minds?”

Lahren, a host on Fox Nation, condemned the small violent contingent of the protest in no uncertain terms, using the strongest language to describe how their actions hurt the Republican Party and even cost lives. Lahren called the violent agitators “anarchist animals” who made her “stick to [her] stomach.”

“I never thought I’d see the day when some Trump supporters – many of whom I thought were my fellow patriots – would act like the very thugs and anarchists we’ve spent much of the year condemning,” she said on her “Final Thoughts” show.

“Whether it was Antifa and leftist agitators sprinkled in or truly just angry Trump supporters, I am appalled and disgusted by your behavior,” she continued.

Lahren made it very clear that she also believed the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent, but that the actions we saw on Capitol Hill on Wednesday were not the appropriate way to handle it.

“I am not disappointed in you for your anger, your passion or your frustration. I am right there with you on all of that,” she said. “But I am beyond disappointed that the very people who proclaim to respect each other, respect law enforcement and respect basic decency would act in that manner. That is not what this movement is about. That is not what Donald Trump stands for and that is not how conservatives behave.”

Is she wrong? Conservatives have been slamming Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence for years now.

Lahren reminded Americans that the movement is made up of patriotic Americans who obey the law and respect property and the well-being of others.

She said that it was a setback but something Americans can overcome.

With a lot of the country very angry right now, Lahren’s point likely hit home and also hit a few sore nerves.

The FBI and Washington, D.C. Police are actively searching for the people responsible for initiating the violence on Capitol Hill.