Capitol Commission Won’t Be Pushed By Pelosi To Use Biden

( )- After Republicans slapped down efforts by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to establish a partisan smear campaign disguised as a commission to study the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C., Pelosi has reportedly slapped down rumors that she may ask President Joe Biden to establish his own presidential commission instead.

Her pride must have been hurt pretty badly…

On Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi reportedly told Congressional Democrats that asking the president to establish the commission would be “unworkable.”

Following the failed Senate vote on the commission, Pelosi laid our four possible options to go ahead with some kind of commission that would allow her to smear Republicans as terrorists, extremists, and inciters of violent insurrections – even though the failed impeachment hearing already showed that the former president was not guilty of the wild accusations the Democrats made.

The first option, Pelosi said, was to give the Senate another opportunity to vote on the commission. Last time, six Republicans voted with the Democrats on the bill and an additional Republican couldn’t turn up. It means the Democrats would need to sway only three Republican senators to get on board with the legislation that would give Democrats the power to subpoena Republicans and engage in a years-long smear campaign that could be used in the run-up to the 2022 midterms.

That would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Other options involve strictly partisan investigations from Congressional Democrats. The plan put forward by the Democrats in the Senate vote proposed bringing on board some Republicans to sit on the panel, however it would have remained a partisan investigation anyway as the Democratic chair of the commission would have had all of the hiring power and the ability to overrule what Republicans o the panel said anyway.

Pelosi suggested that she may appoint a select committee to investigate what she calls a violent “insurrection” or task the investigation with the House Homeland Security Panel.

The House Speaker has not explained why she believes the president appointing the commission would be unworkable – but it could have something to do with her not getting the credit for it.

…or the fact she knows the president could be hurt in the polls if he appoints a panel that she expects to be hugely partisan.