Brad Pitt In Fight With Russian Oligarch

( )- Here’s a news story you probably weren’t expecting to read today…Brad Pitt is currently feuding with a Russian oligarch, and Angelina Jolie is being accused of funding Vladimir Putin.

No, we’re not kidding!

Russian billionaire oligarch Yuri Shefler is currently at the center of a legal battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt over their French estate. The former couple had purchased controlling interest of the French estate and winery, Chateau Miraval, back in 2008. The purchase was intended to be a home for the couple that they would share with their children and use the winery as a family business, according to Pitt’s legal complaint.

In a suit that was filed in the courts last month, Brad Pitt claims that both he and his former partner agreed that they would never sell their interests in the property without the consent of the other. However, Pitt claims that Jolie broke that promise when she sold her share of the property to Shefler.

The legal battle is curious given that Jolie currently works as special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and Russian oligarchs are facing increasing financial pressure as a result of sweeping Western sanctions.

Last week, Jolie issued a statement on her social media saying that she was “praying for the people in Ukraine, adding that her focus is doing everything possible to “ensure the protection and basic human rights of those displaces, and refugees in the region.”

People noticed the hypocrisy, too.

How can Jolie settle her comments about Ukraine with the fact that she sold her share of the chateau to a Luxembourg-based spirits manufacturer owned by a Russian oligarch?

“Donate the entire proceeds 2 Ukraine OTHERWISE YOU R LITERALLY FUNDING PUTIN!” one Twitter user noted.

To be fair, Jolie presumably didn’t know what was about to happen – but it’s still not a good look for someone who is literally a special envoy for the United Nations refugee division.